Standard Contractual Clauses 2021 Word

As companies around the world continue to navigate the complex landscape of data protection, Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) have become a vital tool in facilitating the transfer of personal data between countries. Developed by the European Commission, SCCs are a set of model clauses that establish a framework for the legal transfer of data across borders. With the GDPR coming into effect in 2018, SCCs have been widely adopted as a means of ensuring compliance with EU data protection regulations.

As we move into 2021, SCCs are set to undergo some significant changes. The European Commission has announced plans to update the model clauses to reflect the latest developments in data protection law. These changes are expected to be implemented in the coming months, with organizations worldwide expected to update their contracts and business processes accordingly.

The key changes to SCCs in 2021 will include updates to the contractual terms, as well as new provisions that are designed to address the latest challenges in data protection. One of the most significant changes will be the incorporation of provisions related to a data exporter’s obligations when transferring data to a data processor. This change is expected to have far-reaching consequences for organizations across the globe, as it will require them to ensure their contracts with processors are compliant with the new SCCs.

Another major change to the SCCs in 2021 is the inclusion of new clauses relating to data retention and deletion. Under the updated SCCs, data exporters will need to ensure that their contracts with data processors include provisions that stipulate how long data is retained and when it should be deleted. This is a critical change for organizations that process large volumes of personal data, as it will require them to ensure that they can effectively manage and delete data in compliance with EU data protection regulations.

In addition to these changes, the updated SCCs will also include provisions related to onward transfers of data. This refers to the transfer of personal data from a data processor to a third-party data controller or processor. The new clauses will require data exporters to ensure that any onward transfers of data are compliant with EU data protection regulations and that the new SCCs are incorporated into their contracts with third-party processors.

Overall, the changes to the SCCs in 2021 represent a significant development in the world of data protection. As organizations around the world scramble to ensure compliance with the latest GDPR regulations, the updated SCCs provide a clear roadmap for the legal transfer of personal data across borders. By ensuring that their contracts and processes are in line with the new SCCs, companies can ensure that they are protecting the privacy rights of their customers and avoiding costly legal battles.

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